The MVSIC approach

Milano can surely be considered one of the cradles of transcatheter valve interventions because of some outstanding surgical and interventional operators and scientists.

Such great personalities never had to stand on their own to gain their success: a surgical or interventional medical team can be well figured as an ensemble in which various talents, techniques and expertise are put together to perform at their best.

That is why, in the design process, we thought that the acronym MVSIC – Milan Valve and Structural Interventions Course was just fit to deliver that meaning of creativity, technique, harmony and challenge that applies to both fields of heart surgery innovation and music.

Not only we aim to showcase how modern structural heart interventions are done, as yet we look forward to sharing very interesting cases, old tricks and new solutions to help next generations of Maestros to accomplish their personal and scientific goals.

Our approach

Absolutely Live

Live case transmission from top notch centers


Invited cases by the Maestros

Experts present their most challenging cases


MVSIC’s got Talent

A real competition to find out who will be next generation Maestros


Accessorize it!

Because you need technique but you also need tools

Latest from the Community

Here you can find contents created from our Faculty Members

MyTip: short videos from our Maestros

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